Tomorrow is Pink Shirt Day!

Screenshot 2016-02-23 at 10.51.02Tomorrow is one of two days to wear pink to support anti-bullying initiatives. If you have pink, please wear it tomorrow for Pink Shirt Day! For more information please visit


Junior Sports Reminders


Permission forms were distributed last week on purple paper. The skills day/tournament is tomorrow afternoon (Feb 22) at Secord Public School. We are still missing a few forms, if your child plans to attend please send the form back by tomorrow morning at the latest. The plan is to leave at 11:15 a.m. from LLPS. If you can volunteer, please contact Mma Aradj or Mlle Spekkens.
Thank you, looking forward to a great day of volleyball!


A message from Mr. M:
Please support the Junior Boys Basketball Team by joining us in the gym after school as they face Ogden in their pre-season tune-up match.
Tip-off: 3:30 pm
Hope to see you there!!!

Se Brancher Coeur Cancelled

We regret to inform you that the remaining sessions with Se Brancher Coeur/Play in the Wild have been cancelled. We are looking into alternative programming and will be in touch with the parent community soon regarding our plans and timelines.
Thank you for your interest and participation, and our apologies for any inconvenience.
Sincerely, the LLPS Caring and Safe Schools Committee 

Folk Dancing Club – Wednesday Mornings!

IMG_5044A quick reminder that Folk Dancing Club will take place every Wednesday morning at 8:00 a.m.! It’s an awesome opportunity to get active and have fun with other students from all age groups at both schools!
Please bring your permission form with you tomorrow if you haven’t already. See you in the morning!

Friday Roundup – All About LLPS Lunch!

FOREST OF LOVE Continues Next Week!
At lunch Mlle Raoult’s class will continue selling hearts for 50 cents each in the gym until Wednesday. Proceed are going to Camp Ooch! Here’s a photo of one of the trees in bloom with hearts!

Lunch Supervisors Needed!
PLEASE see Rosa in the office if you’re free during the day to work in the lunchroom at LLPS. It would be one hour and fifteen minutes of paid work, you can even select the days you are available to work if you need flexibility!

Eco Update:
Litterless Lunch Tips & Tricks!
Here are some great ideas for litterless lunches and snacks!

Click here for the full PDF of great tips for Litterless Lunches!

Have a wonderful weekend, below are some photos from Monday’s Lunar New Year Assembly put on my the Mandarin and Cantonese IL teachers.


Friday Update

Forest of Love Initiative

IMG_5514The grade 4/5 students in Mlle Raoult’s class will be selling hearts for $0.50 and putting them up. Students in any grade can buy hearts and send messages to friends.
They will be on sale from Feb 6th – Feb 15th, in the gym at lunch!




IMG_5052Folk Dancing Club
Begins next week. Practices will be Wednesday morning at 8:00 a.m. Students from grades 1-8 from both schools welcome. Students should wait outside of the Junior doors and wait for a teacher to let them in in the morning.  Please bring permission forms along with you to the first practice on Wednesday. Let’s dance!

Lunar New Year Assembly Monday
A quick reminder of the IL assembly to celebrate Lunar New Year on Monday at 1:15 p.m. Please see this post for all the details.

Eco Update from the EcoTeam

Good News! The Boomerang Lunch initiative officially began on January 9th, the first day back from the holidays.

For the most part, things have been running smoothly and students have been taking home any leftover waste. As with any new initiative, there are have been a few challenges. So, for the sake of clarity, here, again, is some information about what Boomerang Lunch means and why we are implementing it at Lord Lansdowne and da Vinci.

First, from the Ontario Ministry of Education:
“Ontario’s education system will prepare students with the knowledge, skills, perspectives, and practices they need to be environmentally responsible citizens. Students will understand our fundamental connections to each other and to the world around us through our relationship to food, water, energy, air, and land, and our interaction with all living things. The education system will provide opportunities within the classroom and the community for students to engage in actions that deepen this understanding.” Shaping Our Schools, Shaping Our Future (

A boomerang lunch means that any uneaten food and any waste material produced is returned home. Waste can then be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way at home. The garbage, compost and recycling bins have been removed from the school gym as a reminder.

Some students and their families have been asking why waste needs to be taken home, instead of being thrown out at school. Please keep in mind that this initiative is not just about diverting or minimizing waste in the lunchroom. A boomerang lunch allows parents to see what their children are actually eating during the day. After conducting a waste audit at school (see below), it was shocking to see what was being thrown away: unopened packaged foods, uneaten fruit, juice boxes, half-eaten sandwiches and much more. The environmental implications of this are serious and merit conversations about food cultivation and production, packaging, consumption and waste.

If parents know what their children are/are not eating, they will be able to cut back on avoidable food waste (food that is edible but is being thrown out). It is our hope that the Boomerang Lunch initiative can help families reconsider the way they purchase, prepare and pack food for school.

Please note that for sanitary purposes, food and waste packaging must be taken home in a resealable container or bag, even on Pizza Tuesdays. There are many litterless lunch bag and container options – even a zip-lock bag will do.

Here is information from a lunchroom waste audit conducted by Ms. Heibein and her students in December. This is what they found out:

Category     For 1 Day      In a Week      In a Month     In a  Year

Actual Garbage           .5kgs           2.5kgs               10kgs             100kgs
Recycling                    .1kgs              .5kgs                 2 kgs               20kgs
Food Waste                  3kgs             15 kgs              60 kgs            600kgs

On the day they did the audit, ALL three types of waste were mixed in one receptacle. It was through the sorting process that they determined how much waste of each type was occurring.  By making better “food” choices and “Boomeranging” (i.e. having kids pack their own lunches, packing less food, having courageous conversations about what kids “like” to eat) we can change the 600kgs/per year now being sent to landfill.  

On a related note, we have been focusing on mindfulness and empathy, through various school initiatives such as Wellness Day, the Building Empathy workshops and, of course, the continuing work that teachers do in their classes. With this in mind, we are promoting a calmer, quieter environment in the gym during lunch hour. After a busy morning of learning, children need a quiet time to eat their lunch in an unhurried, more mindful manner. We are encouraging children who do finish quickly to bring quiet activities with them (such as a book, notebook or drawing pad, playing cards etc.) that will allow them to remain quiet while others are eating and until they are dismissed outside for the rest of the lunch period.

Thank you, as always, for your support!
The EcoTeam

Lost & Found
Please remember to come check out the Lost and Found bags in the front lobby because the school will be donating anything that isn’t picked up soon.

Lunar New Year Assembly – Monday, February 6th

The Mandarin and Cantonese International Languages students (SK-8) will be putting on an assembly on Monday, February 6th from 1:15 – 2:20 p.m. to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Parents are welcome to attend.
Here’s the program for the assembly:


MC – Elianna (Mandarin Class )
Also Alexander Gr8 Rm 109 for Cantonese

1. A few words from the Principal
2. Narrative: The Twelve Chinese  Zodiac signs  Grade 4 and 5 –  Rm 201 and 203

3. Songs  Mandarin Class  – SK Rm 100, 101, 102
Happy Together
The Face Song
Funny Monkey
Small Trombone
Happy New Year

4. Songs Cantonese Class – SK Rm 100, 101, 102
The Number Song
Little Star
Brush Your Teeth
Happy Chinese New Year

5. Umbrella Dance   Mandarin Class Gr 2 and 3 Rm 202 , 208

6 . Song  “We are all one family “ Mandarin Class Grade 1 and 2  – Rm 207,208, 302, 307, 308

7. Song “Joyful Year “  Cantonese Class  Grade 2, 3, 4, 5  – RM 201, 202, 203, 307, 308

8. “The High Mountain” Dance  Cantonese and Mandarin Classes  Grade 4. 5 – Rm 201, 203

9. Lion Dance – Ian Chow and the Lion Dancers